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Phil And John #2 letra

     Phil And John #2

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     Phil And John #2
    >> John Lennon
        (j) -"0ne, two, three hmm - i've got a message for you...."
    (p) - "hold it! hold it! our fault, our fault! not your fault. listen, if the
    voice is too loud just say the voice...i'm yellin' too loud in
    In the can, everybody suddenly grabs their headphones when i talk"
    (j) - "no, no, no."
    (p) - "ok, everything is fine, i know, ok..."
    (j) - "you wanna....?"
    (p) - "hold it one sec"
    (j) - "phil, we're well....oh get out! you could have, you know,
    broken it on the third line or something....i better get all that"
    Bit......oh, you don't mind if i change the lyrics then? good, ok, hey, we got the
    man here!
    (p) -"what man?"
    (j) -"any fuckin' man, let's go....i'm gonna get an all girl band, ha ha
    (p) - "well, you need one, let's go!",
    (j) - "you won't let me do "be bop a lula" instead?""
    (p) - "i won't let you do anthing, let's go!"
    (j) - "be bop a....."
    (p) - "'til you get this one, then you can do "be bop a lula"
    (j) - "and "send me some lovin'""
    (p) - "you can do anything you wanna do, johnnie"
    (j) - "after this?"
    (p) - "after this."
    (j) -"take the bandages off?"
    (p) -"you can even do "take the bandages off""
    (j) -"ok...."
    (p) - "you can even do "johnny b goode""
    (j) - "no, no"
    (p) - "i wish you would, let's go""
    (j) - "any time you like i...."
    (p) - "i know you would come on"
    (j) - "i know the solo too"
    (p) - "good"
    (j) - "but i wouldn't wanna take it away from jessie..."
    (p) - "i know"
    (j) -"yoo"
    (p) -"is jessie there? yes, he's there...come on!"
    (j) -"ok! let's...."
    (p) - "alright!",
    (?) -"one, two"
    (j) -"yes it did, yeah!"
    (j) -"it always works out the same old way"
    (p) - "hold it! somebody's waving a hand. somebody says stop so we stop"

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