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Hit the Floor letra

     Hit the Floor

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     Hit the Floor
    >> Linkin Park
        There are just too many
    Times that people
    Have tried to look inside of me
    Wondering what I think of you
    And I protect you out of courtesy
    Too many times that I've
    Held on when I needed to push away
    Afraid to say what was on my mind
    Afraid to say what I need to say
    Too many
    Things that you've said about me
    When I'm not around
    You think having the upper hand
    Means you've got to keep putting me down
    But I've had too many stand-offs with you
    It's just about as much as I can stand
    Just wait until the upper hand
    Is mine

    So many people like me
    Put so much trust in all your lies
    So concerned with what you think
    To just say what we feel inside
    So many people like me
    Walk on eggshells all day long
    All I know is that all I want
    Is to feel like I'm not stepped on
    There are so many things you say
    That make me feel like you've crossed the line
    What goes up will surely fall
    And I'm counting down the time
    'Cause I've had so many stand-offs with you
    It's about as much as I can stand
    So I'm waiting until the upper hand
    Is mine

    One minute you're on top
    The next you're not
    Watch it drop
    Making your heart stop
    Just before you hit the floor
    One minute you're on top
    The next you're not
    Missed your shot
    Making your heart stop
    You think you won.

    And then it's all gone

    I know I'll never trust a single thing you say
    You knew your lies would divide us
    But you lied anyway
    And all the lies have got you floating
    Up above us all
    BUt what goes up has got to fall

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