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My Own Summer letra

     My Own Summer

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     My Own Summer
    >> Linkin Park
        So this is the last treat of the night coming up right here
    this is a song, this is a tour actually, this is the first time
    we've played this song on tour
    i'll spit it out eventually. anybody like the deftones?
    got any deftones' fans in the house? put em' up if you are
    let me see you if you know the words to this shit
    and i'll come down and sing it with you]
    Hey you, big star, tell me when it's over
    Hey you, big mood, guide me to shelter
    'Cause i'm through when the two
    Hits the six and it's summer
    Come [shove it, shove it, shove it]
    Shove [shove it, shove it, shove it]
    The sun [shove it, shove it, shove it]
    Aside [shove it aside]
    I think god is moving it's tongue
    There are no crowds in the streets
    And no sun in my own summer
    [you guys feeling that?
    who can help me with this shit, can you?
    can you help me with this shit?
    stay right here, stay right here
    hey you... stay right here
    come on, yo, yo
    what the fuck is going on?
    yeah, bring him over here
    allright bro, we gonna teach these mother fuckers this shit, ok?
    you guys gonna help us out right now?
    allright you guys
    chester, when you're ready bud]
    The shade is a tool, a device, a savior
    See, I try
    [you better watch out]
    And look up
    To the sky
    But my eyes burn

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