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A Walk To Remember letra

     A Walk To Remember

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     A Walk To Remember
    >> Mandy Moore
        I'll always remember... it was late afternoon.
    It lasted forever, but ended so soon.
    Yeah You were all by yourself,
    staring up at a dark gray sky,
    I was changed.
    In places no one will find,
    all your feelings so deep inside.
    (Deep inside)
    Was there that I realized that forever was in your
    The moment I saw you cry.
    (The moment that I saw you cry)
    It was late in September and I've seen you before.
    You were always the cold one
    but I was never that sure
    you were all by yourself,
    staring up at a dark gray sky.
    I was changed
    I wanted to hold you.
    I wanted to make it go away.
    I wanted to know you.
    I wanted to make your everything,
    All right.
    Ill always remember it was late afternoon
    I think I saw you cry
    The moment I saw you cry
    I wanted to know you, i wanted to know you ....

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