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Creative Individual letra

     Creative Individual

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     Creative Individual
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        A creative individual is seeking normalcy
    The embarrassment and humiliation with every mocking word is almost to much for her to bare
    The unsettling cruelty is easy to see through their actions
    The uncomfortable image of them is obvious when you look in to their eyes
    A creative individual is seeking normalcy
    As they have everything that they could ever want yet they ask for more
    While she has nothing and gives everything
    Their selfish pride is nothing compared to her unarming humility that they will never see and she will never be appreciated for
    A creative individual is seeking normalcy
    She tries her best to fit in but it never seems to be enough
    Will she ever be good enough to fit in with the cool crowd is the question that replays in her head
    To her the word cool means a dream that will never come true
    And popularity is as distant as the farthest planet
    A creative individual is seeking normalcy
    While realizing that it's okay to not fit in
    For in her mind nobody fits in
    Nobody is perfect and neither is she
    No matter how many times she gets stomped on or how many hurtful words are spat at her it doesn't matter because
    A creative individual is no longer seeking normalcy
    As she has finally come to terms that it's okay to be comfortable with your self no matter the verdict of the snotty teenagers sitting all around her
    No matter what happens to you'll turn out great as long as your strong enough to say the one thing you know is true that,
    They openly mock you for being different but you silently laugh at them for all being the same

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