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Most of Me letra

     Most of Me

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     Most of Me
    >> Mandy Moore
        I'm not ready to confront
    I'd rather cement my words this way
    This could be the easy road out
    But I'm just not all that happy
    So I'm writing all this down
    And I'll file it in a drawer someday
    In lieu of a conversation
    We'd probably forget to have anyway
    I won't hold anything back
    And I won't hold anything in
    Feel like I know where this is going
    And I might know how it ends
    But I'm still
    Willing to begin
    You should know my story by now
    And why I'm optimistic cautiously
    I understand it's not your fault
    But I'm not taking anything back
    You still end up with
    Most of me
    I expect you to fly from NY to LA
    And land on my doorstep
    And smile at me and say
    It was worth it to see most of me
    Do you love most of me?
    You're just crossing paths
    With the way he left me
    I'm not saying a word
    But I'm watching you quietly
    You're gonna have to prove me wrong
    Before I know this is right
    We don't have to decide tonight
    Just wait for me patiently
    And you'll get all of me

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