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Breakdown (The Mo' Thugs Remix) letra

     Breakdown (The Mo' Thugs Remix)

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     Breakdown (The Mo' Thugs Remix)
    >> Mariah Carey
        Don't Breakdown yet it's over, over
    Don't Breakdown yet it's over, over
    Don't Breakdown yet it's over, over
    Don't Breakdown yet it's over
    [Krayzie Bone (1)]
    [Mariah Carey humming in background]
    Steady breaking me on down
    Break breakdown
    Steady breaking me on down
    Break breakdown
    Steady breaking me on down
    [Mariah Carey]
    You called yesterday
    To basically say
    That you care for me but
    That you're just not in love
    Immediately I pretended to be
    Feeling similarly
    In that you'd ever leave
    I was ok to just walk away from the
    One thing that's unyielding and sacred to me
    [Chorus: sung by Mariah Carey; Krayzie Bone singing 1 in background]
    Well I guess I'm trying to be nonchalant about it
    And I'm going to extremes to prove I'm fine without you
    But in reality I'm
    Slowly losing my mind
    Underneath the guise of smile
    Gradually I'm dying inside
    Friends ask me how I feel
    And I lie convincingly
    Cause I don't want to reveal
    The fact that I'm suffering
    So I wear my disguise
    Til I go home at night
    And turn down all the lights
    And then I breakdown and cry
    [Mariah Carey]
    So what do you do when
    Somebody you're so devoted to
    Suddenly just stops loving you
    And it seems they haven't got a clue
    Of the pain that rejection is putting you through
    Do you cling to your pride
    And sing "I Will Survive"
    (Krayzie Bone in background: Gotta get control and roll roll roll on)
    Do you lash out and say
    How dare you leave this way
    Do you hold in vain
    As they just slip away
    [Wish Bone]
    Gonna break you down, down, down, only if you let it (Don't let it)
    Everyday crazy situations rocking my mind trying to break me down
    But I won't let it forget it
    If you feel the same way that I do
    Then let me hear y'all all sing too
    Sing, it's al-right, it's alright, it's alright yeah
    Hoping for the sun, but it looks like rain
    B-O-N-E, but it's still the same
    Came this far, but it's been a long road
    Troubles gonna come but we gotta stay strong, hold on, on
    [Krayzie Bone]
    Aw, yeah, I often feel the pressures, y'all
    But nevertheless Krayzie won't fall
    It's over, it's ending here, here
    I said it's over. It's ending here, here
    So I'll be on my way
    And maybe we can meet up in the future one day
    But for now I'm bailing, bailing
    Bailing!, baby gotta get up, can't take no more
    I'm headed for the door
    Come and take a look into this humble eye
    Tell me if we lived a lie
    Would our souls unite
    [Layzie Bone]
    Every new day is a test for me
    So I just pray to the Lord for him to bless me, please
    There's struggles I'm going through lately
    Breaks me down, set me free
    Let me be, let me be
    Who else do we have to rely on
    Whose shoulder can a thug go cry on
    Came to get my vibe on
    While you look into my eyes
    Won't underestimate this soldier story
    I'ma tell you right now I'ma stand up
    Wrong if I let my lead bust
    Pac said keep your head up
    Don't let this world get the best of you
    All my struggles, I'm through
    If it's over, over, over
    Don't breakdown yet it's over
    [with Mariah Carey singing in background]
    [With Mariah Carey singing and Krayzie Bone singing 1 all in background]
    Cry, cry (Break break down)
    Cry, cry (Steady breaking me on down)
    Cry, cry (Break break down)
    Cry, cry (Steady breaking me on down)

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