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Waiting letra


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        Waiting for the night to start
    Waiting for the night to change your ways
    There are days missing from my week again,
    And there's not a cloud in the sky.
    But my view from the Hollywood Roosevelt,
    Makes me feel like I can fly.
    I should maybe make some apologies,
    And I probably should fix my hair.
    But I might just stay another night,
    If my credit card's still down there.
    Oh yeah, all-right,
    I feel like a hundred million dollars tonight.
    I knew you were the one,
    But I kept you waiting,
    Kept you waiting,
    Now I'm waiting for you.
    I think I'll go see my friends tonight,
    Who live just a little bit up Crescent Heights.
    And sometimes we stay out all night,
    Feels like there's nothing that we can't do.
    I'm never really sure that I"ll ever change,
    But if it makes you happy then I will lie.
    She looked at me and softly said,
    I'm gonna' love you till the day I die.
    I miss the things you told me,
    I'll be waiting for you
    I just wish you would hold me,
    I'll be waiting for you
    If you decide to change your mind,
    I'll be waiting for you
    I miss the things you told me,
    I'll be waiting for you,
    I'll be waiting there for you,
    Waiting there for you,
    Waiting there for you,
    I keep waiting, anticipating you

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