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Ava Maria Morales letra

     Ava Maria Morales

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     Ava Maria Morales
    >> Marty Robbins
        A long time ago in the small border town of Nogalas
    There lived a beautiful Mexican girl named Ava Maria Morales
    Her dark hair would glisten and shine when touched by the sun
    And she loved a cowboy that told her he worked
    ON a ranch just outside of Tucson
    Diamonds he gave to her caused many people to say
    How could he give her such diamonds as these on thirty a month cowboy pay
    She paid no attention to what they said or what they did
    'Cause she never doubted he worked on a ranch
    Out of Tucson, just like he said
    Then to Nogalas, one mormin', came ridin' a stranger
    He wore a badge on the front of his vest, the new one in town was a Ranger
    And he showed some pictures of outlaws and bandits he chased
    And one of the pictures caused Ava Maria
    To turn with fear on her face
    Ava Maria
    It's true what they said
    Your cowboy's an outlaw
    With a price on his head
    The Ranger left town on the trail of the outlaws he hunted
    Ava Maria prayed he'd never catch the cowboy she loved and she wanted
    'Cause deep in her heart she beleived that the Ranger was wrong
    The outlaw just looked like the cowboy that worked
    On the ranch just outside of Tucson
    True love would never let Ava Maria believe it
    And there in her window each evenin' she'd light
    A candle and hoped he would see it
    The years turned her dark hair to silver but love still lived on
    She prayed every night for the cowboy that worked
    On the ranch just outside of Tucson
    One night the town of Nogalas was saddened to see
    The window where Ava Maria would watch was dark where a light used to be
    Some love stories live for a while and then they are gone
    For over a century the story of Ava Maria has lived on and on
    Ava Maria
    If your spirit lives on
    I hope you have found him
    At the ranch just outside of Tucson

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