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Confused And Lonely letra

     Confused And Lonely

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     Confused And Lonely
    >> Marty Robbins
        If this world should tumble down
    And we'd go spinning all around
    Find ourselves somewhere in space
    I wonder if I'd find my place
    Would be beside you or would I be here
    Like I am, confused and lonely
    If this world should disappear
    And then another world appear
    Is there the possibility that you
    Would still be here with me
    Or would I be lonely and unchanged
    Like I am, confused and lonely
    You make love but still you never
    Make love with your heart
    Though we're close together
    Still I know we're worlds apart
    Pleasin' you beacme the most
    Important thing to do
    But bein' mixed up, I don't know
    What really pleases you
    Completed love's a special thing
    It has to have a special ring
    It means that two are satisfied
    I failed, but Heaven knows I tried
    You put a wall between us keepin' me
    Like I am, confused and lonely

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