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Lolene letra


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    >> Marty Robbins
        When but a boy I courted Sally
    My life was young, not quite sixteen
    We talked of things I sometimes dreamed of
    And things beyond my wildest dreams
    At seventeen I met Wynona
    Her warm, red lips set me aglow
    She taught me things she should not teach me
    More that a young man ought to know
    At nineteen years my love was Sara
    She was much older than the rest
    Of all the men she said had kissed her
    She loved the way I kissed her best
    Time has flown and I am older
    My years are five and thirty-five
    Too late, too late I met my lover
    A woman very much alive
    Lolene, Lolene your name is music
    Your nearness makes my blood run wild
    Alas, alas I cannot claim you
    Compared to me, you're but a child
    So one last time I must be with you
    And kiss the lips that thrilled my heart
    And then goodbye, no more to see you
    Forever we must be apart

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