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Martha Ellen Jenkins letra

     Martha Ellen Jenkins

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     Martha Ellen Jenkins
    >> Marty Robbins
        Martha Ellen Jenkins, how long have I chased
    The boys away from you
    It seems like it was yesterday I turned
    Bill Johnson's green eyes black and blue
    That was back in Grammar School, already
    You had won my heart away
    Martha Ellen Jenkins, I even loved you
    In the second grade
    Martha Ellen Jenkins, I remember every time
    You broke my heart
    The eighth grade it was Tommy Joe
    Tommy, he was trouble from the start
    I met him in the schoolyard one afternoon
    When everyone was gone
    Martha Ellen Jenkins, Tommy didn't
    Stay around too long
    Martha Ellen Jenkins, how long have the boys
    Been makin' eyes at you
    You've always been a pretty one
    You'd be any fella's gream come true
    All the way through high school it tore
    Me up to watch them as they stared
    Martha Ellen Jenkins, at times
    You didn't notice I was there
    Martha Ellen Jenkins, how long have
    I waited for the day to come
    Ever since the second grade I prayed
    That I would be the lucky one
    Now you're walkin' down the aisle
    Just the way I always dreamed you would
    Martha Ellen Jenkins, now I've chased
    The boys away for good
    Martha Ellen Jenkins, now I've chased
    The boys away for good

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