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Moanin' The Blues letra

     Moanin' The Blues

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     Moanin' The Blues
    >> Marty Robbins
        When my baby moved out and the blues moved in
    There wasn't nothin' I could do
    But mosey around with my head in my hands
    Lord what am I comin' to
    I just keep Moanin'
    Moaoanin' the blues.
    I wrote a nice, long letter
    Sayin' mama please come home
    Your dad-ad-dy is lon-one-some
    And all I do is moan ...
    I been lovin' that gal for so doggone long
    I can't afford to lose her now
    I thought I was right but I must of been wrong
    'Cause my head is startin' to bow
    And now I'm Moanin'
    Moa-oanin' The Blues.
    If you want a good gal to stay around
    You gotta treat her nice and kind
    If you do her wrong she'll leave this tonw
    And you'll almost lose your mlind
    Then you'll moanin'; Moa-oanin' The Blues.
    Aw! baby, baby, baby
    Honey baby, please come home
    Your dad-ad-dy is lon-one-some and all I do is moan
    I promise you baby that I'll be good
    And I'll never be bad no more
    I'm sittin' here waitin' for you right now
    To walk through that front door
    Then I'll stop moanin'; Moa-oanin' The Blues.

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