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Padre letra


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        The day that we wed, you blessed us and said
    "May Heaven bestow you Grace"
    Here in this Holy place
    We shared our first embrace
    Our cottage was small, though richer than all
    The palaces of a King
    All day, the birds would sing
    Our hearts were full of Spring
    Padre, Padre
    What happened to the love so true
    Padre, Padre
    In my grief, I turn to you
    Then, he came along and sang her his song
    And won her with sugered lies
    He, with the firey eyes
    Now, it's my heart that cries
    So, I kneel and pray the hours away
    And lonely, my heart has grown
    Wond'ring where love has flown
    Counting my tears alone
    Padre, Padre
    What happened to the love that burned
    Padre, Padre
    In my grief, I turn to you ...

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