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Rich Man Rich Man letra

     Rich Man Rich Man

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     Rich Man Rich Man
    >> Marty Robbins
        Rich man, rich man got all the good land
    Ain't nothin' left but bad land for the poor man
    Rich man's money, rich man's school
    Did they make the poor man, rich man's fool
    Rich man, rich man never have dirty hands
    Never hold a plow that's turnin' his land
    Poor man holds it day by day
    Did they make the poor man, rich man's slave
    I work the field come rain or shine
    What else can I do
    I have nothing nor has mine
    Are we rich man's fools
    Poor man, poor man always be a poor man
    Sit at the end of day then I'm a tired man
    Rich man's money, rich man's school
    Did they make the poor man, rich man's fool
    Rich man worried 'bout all the money spent
    Worried 'bout taxes, he owes the government
    Then on payday poor man shines
    They can't tax just one thin dime
    God loves both of us rich and poor alike
    Loves us both the same, equal within his sight
    Has no favourites, this I know
    For the good book tells me so
    Wealth can't buy a home on high
    Not all the worldly gold
    Faith, on bended knees, can buy
    A home in saviour's soul
    Rich and poor the same, no good without the flame
    I mean the flame of love, sent down from God above
    If our Faith in Him we lose
    Rich or poor, we're both a fool

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