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The Letter Edged In Black letra

     The Letter Edged In Black

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     The Letter Edged In Black
    >> Marty Robbins
        I was standin' by my window yesterday morning
    Without a thought of worry or of care
    When I saw the postman comin' up the pathway
    With such a happy face and jolly air.
    He rang the bell and whistled as he waited
    Then he said; "Good morning to you, Jack"
    But he little knew the sorrow he had brought me
    When he handed me a letter edged in black.
    With trembling hand I took this letter from him
    I broke the seal and this is what it said:
    "Come home my boy, your dear old father wants you
    Come home my boy, your dear old mother's dead."
    I bowed my head in sorrow and in sadness
    The sunshine of my life, it all had fled
    When the post man brought that letter yesterday morning
    "Saying come home my boy, your dear old mother's dead."
    "The last words your mother ever uttered
    Tell my boy I want him to come back
    My eyes are blurred, my poor old heart is breaking
    So, I'm writing you this letter edged in black."
    "Forget those angry words that we had spoken
    You know I didn't mean them, don't you, Jack
    May the angels bear as witness, I am asking
    Your forgiveness in this letter edged in black."

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