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While You're Dancing letra

     While You're Dancing

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     While You're Dancing
    >> Marty Robbins
        While you're dancin'
    I'll just sit here at this lonely table
    While you're laughin'
    I'll try to force a smile as long as I'm able
    While you're clingin' to them
    I'll keep clingin' to the past
    Gettin' sicker inside
    While the lonely minutes pass
    Oh, the nights never end too fast
    While you're dancin'
    While you're dancin'
    For just a moment you're anybody's baby
    You're romancin'
    In your mind or behind my back, maybe
    In your heart you keep wishin'
    That I would go away
    So you could leave with someone else
    I wasn't born yesterday
    Oh. I don't know what to do or say
    While you're dancin'
    It seems like such a sin you'd
    Make me feel this way
    But sometimes I wonder if you know
    What feelin' is
    I guess I'll always let you
    Make me feel this way
    And as long as you let me I'll stay
    While you're dancin'
    I'll just keep on a-sittin' at this table
    While they're laughin' at me
    I'll try to take it just as long as I'm able
    While you're wanderin' cross the floor
    I'll keep wonderin' deep inside
    If I had walked out long ago
    How much less would I have cried
    Oh, how many times have I cried
    While you're dancin'
    Oh, how many times have I cried
    While you're dancin'

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