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Anytime For Peace letra

     Anytime For Peace

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     Anytime For Peace
    >> Nickelback
        wuz a wayward child
    with the weight of the world
    that I held deep inside.
    Life wuz a winding road
    and I learned many things
    little ones shouldnt know
    But I closed my eyes
    steadied my feet on the ground
    raised my head to the sky
    and though times rolled by
    still I feel like a child as i look at the moon
    maybe I grew up a little too soon
    Funny how one can learn
    to grow numb to the madness
    and block it away
    I left the words unsaid
    let it all dissipate
    as I try to forget
    Nearing the edge
    oblivious I almost
    fell right over.
    Apart of me
    will never be quite able
    to feel stable.
    Like with each other
    nearing the side
    were on the verge of dying
    Thankfully I woke up in time....

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