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Mark Of The Wolf letra

     Mark Of The Wolf

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     Mark Of The Wolf
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        Walking alone into the dead of night
    Bathed in the golden glow of the full moons light
    My senses are warning me of a presence unseen
    It's hard to tell if it's real or just a dream...
    Twisted trees casting shadows of fear
    Why have I come to this place--why am I here?
    Something is telling me that I am not alone
    I must remind myself that I'm far from home...
    Moonlight--bathing the night in it's glow
    Instinct--primal and deadly unfolds
    I can see movement now from within the trees...
    My pace soon quickens--now I must flee
    Torment burning its way through my brain
    Ancient curse now inflicting its pain
    It is upon me now this nightmare beast from Hell
    I scream but no one comes--I know this all too well
    The air is crisp and clean but my blood is now running cold
    Overwhelmed by fear so great consuming my soul
    Wolfsbane looming in moonlight now prowls
    Bloodlust, timeless and ageless now found
    Am I now cursed to be more of a beast than man
    Upon my chest the sign of the pentagram...
    Gypsy woman please set me free
    What have I done to bring this curse down on me
    Doomed forever more to fear the full moon's light
    No longer human, but a beast in the night
    Moonlight--bathing the night in it's glow
    Instinct--primal and deadly unfolds
    The hot and horrid breath of a hellish beast
    The stream of liquid life has become my joyous feast
    Mark Of the Wolf... (4 X)

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