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My Disease letra

     My Disease

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     My Disease
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        What are you doing here again?
    Do you honestly think that I believe you're a friend?
    You have ripped and torn the life I've known to shreds
    Look into my eyes to see where I have been
    I've got a raging storm in my mind
    I've tried to leave it all behind...
    You promised to make my problems all go away
    Never to disappear they just keep growing each day
    I may as well just throw my money into the wind
    Your little white lies have turned into mortal sins
    I've got a world of hate in my brain
    Each day I grow a bit more insane
    I need to have some kind of new release
    I'm powerless against My Disease...
    How many lives have you already destroyed?
    Families torn apart and souls cast into the void
    The Reaper's waiting for you to take hold of his hand
    Can you read the epitaph from where you now stand?
    I've got a raging storm in my mind
    I've tried to leave it all behind
    This craving brings me down to my knees
    Driven insane each day by My Disease...
    It's My Disease...

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