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Ogre Wizard letra

     Ogre Wizard

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     Ogre Wizard
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        VERSE ONE
    In a forest dark and dreary stands a castle of brick and stone
    And within the Wizard and his Ogres plan their wicked chores
    In the town the people hide to save their meager, little lives
    For they fear the mighty Wizard and his Ogres rough and dry
    Run, oh run, you little people The Wizard's band arrive
    Run, oh run, you little people The Ogres do arrive
    "There is little you can do
    But not unlike the bird that flew
    You can do it, you can try
    Or the Wizard says you die"
    Down the pass from mountain high through the forest, battle cries
    Ogres, Ogres everywhere the stench of war hangs in the air
    The people flee, the children hide none to stand, to fight, to die
    The Wizard's strength is much indeed, the people know his word to heed.
    CHORUS (Repeat)
    REFRAIN (Repeat) (Guitar solo)
    VERSE THREE (Repeat Verse 2)
    CHORUS (Repeat)

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