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Trapped By Magic letra

     Trapped By Magic

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     Trapped By Magic
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        My eyes have seen a faded presence
    Entranced, my soul, it has been
    A cloudy haze still hangs around me
    But he has gone forever, not a dream
    Now to you I'll tell my story
    And weave a tale
    I ventured on a moonlit evening
    And came across him by a river
    He bid me stay and greet the day
    A lame old man in ragged clothing
    Proceeded on to cast a spell
    Trapped by Magic! (4 times)
    The world spread out so strange before me
    Felt the blood within me boil
    Realms of gold would stand before me
    And with his words then turn to dust
    A lonely woman softly crying
    But I couldn't stop the tears
    There came a shout from the sky
    And what appeared before my eyes
    A thousand Angels sweetly singing
    The woman showed a little smile
    What was this that I was seeing
    Then back I came, the old man gone
    Trapped by Magic! (4 times)
    Trapped by Magic! (4 times)

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