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Army Reserve letra

     Army Reserve

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     Army Reserve
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        How long must she stand
    Before the ground, it gives way
    To an endless fall
    She can feel this
    War on her face
    Stars on her pillow
    She's folding in darkness
    Begging for slumber
    I'm not blind
    Can see it coming
    Looks like lightning
    In my child's eye
    I'm not frantic
    I can feel it coming
    Violently shakes
    My body
    Her son's slanted
    Always giving her
    The sideways eye
    And empty chair where dad sits
    How loud can silence get?
    And mom, she reassures
    To contain him
    But it's becoming a lie
    She tells herself
    And everyone else
    Father is risking
    His life for our freedoms
    I'm not blind
    I can see it coming
    Looks like lightning
    In my child's eye
    I'm no frantic
    I can feel it coming
    Darling you'll save me
    If you save yourself

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