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Cropduster letra


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    >> Pearl Jam
        Light green to green, dark green, brown
    Every life is falling down
    Brown to black, it's coming back
    Dies to be part of the ground
    Seed to seedling, root to stem

    Eyes, no eyes, there's no difference
    Every life is looking in
    Swallowing seeds on the deathbed
    Dig a hole in the garden

    Everyone is practicing
    But this world's an accident
    I was the fool because I thought

    I thought the world
    Turns out the world thought me
    It's all the other way round
    We're upside down

    Dad, he's gone up in flames
    But this ain't no movie
    This ain't no book you can close
    When the big lie hits your eye

    Everybody's practicing
    Our world's an accident
    I was the fool because I thought

    Let the fluency set it down
    There's an upside of down

    The moon is rolling round the world

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