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Green Disease letra

     Green Disease

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     Green Disease
    >> Pearl Jam
        It's a disease, and they're all green
    It emanates from their being
    A satiation with occupation

    And like weeds with big leaves
    Stealing light from what's beneath
    Where they have more
    Still they take more

    Course I know, then I don't
    There's a stowaway with my throat
    It's deceiving
    I don't believe him

    We can scream out our doors
    Behind the wall a fat man snores
    In his dreams he's
    Choking tea leaves

    Well I guess
    There's nothing wrong with what you say
    But don't sell me
    "There can be better ways"

    Tell the captain
    "This boat's not safe,
    And we're drowning"
    Turns out
    He's the one making waves

    I said
    There's nothing wrong with what you say
    Believe me
    Just asking you to sway
    No white
    Or black
    Just grey
    Can you feel this
    World with your heart and not your brain?

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