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The Whale Song letra

     The Whale Song

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     The Whale Song
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        The sun was in clouds. The sun looked out. Exposed a trail of
    mist and spouts.
    Ships followed the ancient lead. Deceiving friends under the
    Wow, imagine that? They won't fight back. I got a theory on
    A whale's heart is as big as a car. A whaler's thought must be
    smudged by the dark.
    They won't fight back. I'm sure they know how. Means they love
    or are too proud.
    They won't fight back. I'm sure they know how. Means they love
    or too proud.
    They swim. It's really free. It's a beautiful thing to see. They
    Hunters of land. Hunters of sea. Exploit anything for money.
    I refer to anybody that takes advantage of what that is free.
    They won't fight back.
    It's only a thought that makes it seem right. What you don't see
    is because of your sight.
    Take what you want. Kill what you can. That's just one way of
    the mind of man.
    Take their lives. Sell their parts but there is not taking of
    their hearts.
    If I was lost at sea. That harpoon boat in front of me. It's the
    whale I'd like to be.
    They won't fight back. (x5)
    They don't know how.

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