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Emmanuel, God With Us letra

     Emmanuel, God With Us

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     Emmanuel, God With Us
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        She lit a candle in a downtown cathedral
    Quietly confessing, counting on a blessing
    She looked as if she had nowhere to go
    I could see her weeping
    Hands together hoping you would hear...
    This is the time of year
    We hold our families near
    But god let us be a friend to the hurting
    Oh emmanuel, god with us
    Spirit revealed in us
    That we may be your hope to the world
    Oh emmanuel, god with us
    With a light to break the darkness
    That we may show your hope to the world
    Emmanuel, god with us
    Be god in us
    I moved in closer just so i could see her face
    Maybe she was a mother
    Someone's only daughter
    Her silver hair shimmered like the snow
    Christmas bells were ringing
    Now beside her kneeling i asked her name
    (and she said)
    This was the time of year
    I had my family near
    But they've all gone and i have been so lonely
    So with my family that christmas day
    A girl of sixty years would laugh and play
    And as we watched her dance our eyes were full of tears...

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