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Follow the Star letra

     Follow the Star

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     Follow the Star
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        O, winter night of wonder
    Night of promise long foretold
    When angel voices
    Filled the heavens high above
    Announced the joy of the ages
    And His glory to behold
    For into this world is born
    The wondrous Child of Love
    O, star of hope
    That leads us to His manger
    Shine your light upon the newborn King
    For all who seek to find new life
    Make a gift of your heart
    And follow the star
    To hear the song that heaven sings
    Like the wise men of old
    Come follow the star
    They laid their gifts before Him
    On that night so long ago
    Stood in His presence
    Every pilgrim great and small
    To worship at His manger
    Is to kneel before His throne
    Laying our burdens
    Down the greatest gift of all
    O, star divine
    That brings us to our Savior
    Give the light of love
    To show us our way
    In place of gold lay down your life
    In place of frankincense and myrrh
    Abandon all

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