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The River letra

     The River

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     The River
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        God's passion is an endless river
    White water running wild
    In a restless rushing fury
    To see souls reconciled.
    It reaches wide across forever
    It's dangerous and deep
    And while some venture to the shoreline
    Some even dare to leap
    And The River rages, The River runs
    All through the ages, Long after I'm gone
    There's a truth I'm finding I can't ignore
    Whether I dive in or stand on the shore
    The River keeps rushing on.
    All of those who ride the rapids
    Have a message they must tell
    There's a joy in being lost in something
    That's bigger than yourself
    And though the current takes you places
    Where you learn to lose control
    If you think you're going under
    He'll never let you go, never let you go

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