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Fortune Faded letra

     Fortune Faded

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     Fortune Faded
    >> Red Hot Chili Peppers
        They say in chess, you gotta kill the queen
    And then you mate it
    Oh I, do you?
    A funny thing, the king who gets himself assassinated
    Hey now, every time I lose
    Yer! took a town by storm
    The mess you made was nominated
    Oh I, do you?
    Now put away your welcome, soon you'll find you've overstayedit

    Hey now, every time I lose

    So divine, hell of an elevator
    All the while my fortune faded
    Nevermind the consequences of the crime this time
    My fortune faded

    The medicated state of mind you find is overrated
    Oh I, do you?
    You saw it all come down and now it's time to imitate it
    Hey now, every time I lose


    Come on God, do I seem bulletproof?

    CHORUS x2

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