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Let's Make The Evil letra

     Let's Make The Evil

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     Let's Make The Evil
    >> Red Hot Chili Peppers
        Let's make evil
    Let's make good
    I'd do anything I could
    Just to get you in my dirt word
    Go down on you
    Seventeen and thirty-one
    I am just my mother's son
    Brown eyes and a silver tongue
    All the mothers come undone
    At the sight of me
    The water's falling clear
    Interiors decieve i fear
    I think I'll kiss my shame away
    My prudence is not dear
    Inside out and feeling weird
    I think I'll kiss my shame away
    Let's get soft
    Let's get hard
    Let's get off in my backyard
    Where the desert wind
    Will wash our skin
    A lighter red
    Let's make peace
    Let's make war
    Let's break into heaven for
    A dance with heaven's devils or
    Is that more than you can store
    Inside your head
    I don't want to live alone
    Get on my throne
    Slay my shame
    Slay my shame
    Let's get gentle
    Let's get pissed
    Get your knickers in a twist
    Cause the angel and the devil kiss
    They fell in love
    Some seem dirty
    Some say clean
    Something from a madman's dream
    Am I really what I seem?
    Rising to my head like cream
    It feels so strange
    Slay my shame
    Slay my shame
    I don't want to live alone
    Get on my throne
    Slay my shame
    Slay my shame

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