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One Hot Minute letra

     One Hot Minute

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     One Hot Minute
    >> Red Hot Chili Peppers
        I was riding
    Riding on my bike
    Me with my friend
    We're so alike

    Am I all alone

    She said all we
    Have is this
    We just had to stop
    And share a kiss

    Am I all alone

    One hot minute
    And I'm in it come and get it
    If I chase it
    am i wasting cum
    or spittn'

    Am I all alone

    Sitting in fire
    i'll get along and have some fun
    floating through the fire
    or maybe i'm ur special one
    silent destifire
    i'll bring um all and head for some
    siting in the fire

    Close your eyes
    And click your heels
    Can you believe
    How good it feels

    Am I all alone

    One hot minute(x3)
    And I'm in it come and get it
    If a chase it I might waste it
    Come and get it

    I might waste it
    Come and get it

    Am I all alone

    Sitting in the fire
    Get along and have some fun
    Floating to be higher
    Maybe I'm your special one
    Silent testifier
    Breathe the moon
    And eat the sun
    Sitting in the fire
    A tiny wink is all
    All we have
    No it's not much more
    But don't get mad

    Am I all alone

    Three lbs. of love
    Inside my skull
    A million more lives
    It's never drill
    Just a few times spun
    Spun around the sun
    A couple more or less
    And then we're done

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