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Sexy Mexican Maid letra

     Sexy Mexican Maid

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     Sexy Mexican Maid
    >> Red Hot Chili Peppers
        hair so smooth, black as coal
    aw baby the way you sway
    you wear the dress so very blue
    that you take my blues away
    she comes and goes that i know
    she cums at least once a day
    i can't resist i kiss your lips
    you're my sexy mexican maid
    let me please get on my knees
    i come alone
    when i wake up in the morn
    she greets me where i lay
    i look outside to find it's a bright and sunny day
    so serene she gives to me my toast and marmalade
    what more can i say she's my sexy mexican maid
    let me please get on my knees
    she puts me in a bubble bath
    she tickles me and i laugh
    she washes me until i'm clean
    then she does a little sexy dance
    happy to feel my hand go slap
    upon her sexy ass
    we make fun so very slow
    then we make it very fast
    let me please get on my knees
    oh let me please

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