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She Looks to Me letra

     She Looks to Me

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     She Looks to Me
    >> Red Hot Chili Peppers
        Looks to me like heaven sent
    No lullaby kid no 5%
    Anyway you want to cut that cake
    She's dyin' from the likes of abandonment
    Lost in the valley without my horses
    She need somebody to hold
    It looks to me like heaven
    Sent this for your roughest night
    She looks to me
    She looks to me all right
    Who's going to take you home
    And hold you when things aren't so bright
    She looks to me
    She looks to me all right
    It's a long walk down those tracks
    It's a dirty walk in
    It's a dirty walk back
    Gonna learn awe way too much
    Shootin' dope in the back
    Of a cadillac jack
    Slow down the road to my back 40
    She needs somebody to hold
    Down in the south seas
    Give me your mouth please
    Is the way I find these
    I give you major
    You give me minor
    Don't fade away
    Like an ocean liner
    Lost in the valley
    Without my horses
    No one can tell me
    What my remorse is
    God made this lady
    That stands before me
    She need somebody to hold
    She shows the world up with a smile
    And then she throws the fight
    She looks to me she looks to me
    All right
    Down on the bathroom floor
    She's searching for another light
    She looks to me she looks to me
    All right

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