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I Believe in Father Christmas letra

     I Believe in Father Christmas

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     I Believe in Father Christmas
    >> Sarah Brightman
        They said there'll be snow at Christmas
    They said there'll be peace on earth
    Instead it just kept on raining
    With tears for the virgins birth
    I remember one Christmas morning
    A winters light and a distant choir
    And the peal of a bell and that Christmas tree smell
    And their eyes full of tinsel and fire
    They sold me a dream of Christmas
    They sold me a silent night
    And they told me a fairy story
    'Till I believed in the israelite
    And I believed in Father Christmas
    And I looked at the sky with excited eyes
    'Till I woke with a yawn in the first light of dawn
    And I saw him and through his disguise
    I wish you a hopeful Christmas
    I wish you a brave New Year
    All anguish, pain and sadness
    Leave your heart and let your road be clear
    They said there'll be snow at Christmas
    They said there'll be peace on earth
    Hallelujah Noel be it heaven or hell
    The Christmas you get you deserve

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