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No One Like You letra

     No One Like You

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     No One Like You
    >> Sarah Brightman
        And reach out will it not be soft and kind
    At rest from life
    From patience and from pain
    At rest from bliss
    We know not when we find
    How can I have enough of life and love

    In your eyes are my secrets
    That I?ve never shown you
    In my heart I feel
    I?ve always known you
    In your arms there?s a comfort
    That I never knew
    You?re what I?ve been waiting for
    There?s no one like you

    Sure as the sunrise
    Pure as a prayer
    You fashioned hope
    Right out of thin air
    Every dream I abandoned
    Seems it could come true
    I believe in miracles
    There?s no one like you

    Innocent as a newborn
    In a world so frightening
    It?s as if my world?s
    Been struck by lightning
    Every dream I abandoned,
    Seems it could come true
    I believe in miracles,
    There?s no one like you.

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