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Something To Believe In letra

     Something To Believe In

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     Something To Believe In
    >> Sarah Brightman
        Little brother's got a habit
    That he thinks he's getting under control
    And he's selling all our love and best wishes as the hunger grows
    Living by the scripture on the subway walls
    He wants to be a rebel but he can't find a cause

    He needs something to believe in
    He needs something to believe in
    All he ever wanted was to get away

    Little sister's getting serious with a fella nearly twice her age
    And she's aiming to move in with him
    As soon as they can find a place
    But there's no getting through to her, there's no other way
    You can't learn from mistakes that somebody else made

    She needs something to believe in
    She needs something to believe in
    All she ever wanted was to get away

    Caught in the void of no hope and no choice
    It's a nobody-wins situation
    What can they do- it's a catch-22
    It's a breakdown to communications

    Little wonder they're confused, no wonder we misunderstood
    Little wonder there's a wind of change blowing through the land
    Nobody's's a sign of the times
    But we won't see the future till we open our eyes

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