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Any Man Of Mine letra

     Any Man Of Mine

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     Any Man Of Mine
    >> Shania Twain
        This is what a woman wants...
    Any man of mine better be proud of me
    Even when I'm ugly he still better love me
    And I can be late for a date that's fine
    But he better be on time
    Any man of mine'll say it fits just right
    When last year's dress is just a little too tight
    And anything I do or say better be okay
    When I have a bad hair day
    And if I change my mind
    A million times
    I wanna hear him say
    Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah I like that way


    Any man of mine better walk the line
    Better show me a teasin' squeezin' pleasin' kinda time
    I need a man who knows, how the story goes
    He's gotta be a heartbeatin' fine treatin'
    Breathtakin' earthquakin' kind
    Any man of mine
    Well any man of mine better disagree
    When I say another woman's lookin' better than me
    And when I cook him dinner and I burn it black
    He better say, mmm, I like it like that
    And if I change my mind
    A million times
    I wanna hear him say
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I like it that way

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Let me hear you say yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah I like it thatway

    (Repeat Chorus)

    You gotta shimmy shake
    Make the earth quake
    Kick, turn, stomp, stomp, then you jump
    Heel to toe, Do Si Do
    `Til your feet And your backache
    Keep it movin' `till you just can't take anymore
    Come on everybody on the floor
    A-one two, a three four
    Hup two, hup
    If you wanna be a man of mine, that's right
    This is what a woman wants...

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