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My God letra

     My God

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     My God
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        Hail, Girls
    Hail, Mary. What's up ?
    Well, Jerusalem become a real drag. Everybody hates me.
    Uh-Uh. Not that guy over there.
    Who? Him? They all say he's different.
    They say he's really weird.
    We don't care what people say.
    To us, he's always there.
    Nothing you could say
    Could tear me away
    From my God (my God)
    Nothing you could do
    'Cause I'm stuck like glue
    To my God (my God, my God)
    I'm stickin' to my God like a stamp to a letter
    Like birds of a feather, we stick together
    I'm tellin' you from the start
    I can't be torn apart
    From my God
    Nothing you could do
    Could make me untrue
    To my God (my God)
    Nothing you could buy
    Could make me tell a lie
    To my God (my God, my God)
    I gave my God my word of honor
    To be faithful, and I'm gonna
    You best be believing
    I won't be deceiving
    My God
    As a matter of opinion, I think he's tops
    My opinion is, he's the cream of the crop
    As a matter of taste, to be exact
    He's my ideal, as a matter of fact.
    No muscle bound man
    Could take my hand
    From my God (my God)
    No handsome face
    Could ever take the place
    Of my God (my God, my God)
    He may not be a movie star
    But when it comes to bein' happy, we are
    There's not a man today
    Who could take me away from my God
    (Cool it down now, ladies)
    There's not a man today
    Who could take me away from my God
    (Give them some of that deep shoulder action)
    There's not a man today
    Who could take me away from my God.

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