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The Greatest Medley Ever Told letra

     The Greatest Medley Ever Told

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     The Greatest Medley Ever Told
    >> Sister Act
        Girls: Hold on, hold on!
    Hold on, hold on!
    Deloris: Started my life
    In a worn torn dress that somebody threw out.
    I knew the way it felt to always live in doubt,
    to be without the simple things.
    So afraid my could see the guilt in me.
    So I got a good job in the city.
    Working for the man ev'ry night and day.
    But I never lost a minute of sleeping
    Worrying 'bout the way the things
    Might have been.
    I was a devil with a blue dress, blue dress, blue dress.
    Devil with the blue dress on.
    I was a ho!
    Sugar pie, honey bunch,
    you know that I love you.
    I can't help myself.
    I love you and nobody else.
    Wait! Oh, yeah, wait a minute Mister postman.
    Wait! Wait Mister Postman.
    All: Mister Postman, look and see
    If there's a letter in your bag for me.
    I've been waiting such a long, long time.
    Deliver the letter.
    The sooner the better!
    She wore an itsy bitsy,
    teeny weeny,
    yellow polka dot bikini.
    Stop! In the name of love.
    Deloris: But my mama told me,
    "You better shop around.".
    All: Whoo!
    Girls the hustle!
    Do the hustle!
    Deloris: But it wasn't enought, baby.
    Because I needed cash.
    I needed
    All: Money, money, money, money.
    Money, money, money, money.
    Deloris: I was a bad girl.
    Talking 'bout the sad girl.
    Freak out!
    Mister Big Stuff.
    Who do you think you are?
    Mister Big Stuff,
    you're never gonna get my love.
    But he did! He got my coat,
    He got my love,
    He got my cousin pregnant,
    and when I tried to throw him out baby,
    you know what he did?
    He whipped out this great bigÂ…
    All: Shotgun.
    Shoot him 'fore he runs, now.
    Do the jerk, baby.
    Do the jerk now.
    Deloris: Hey, I had nowhere to run to, baby.
    Nowhere to hide.
    I had nowhere to run to,baby.
    Nowhere to hide
    Girls: Hallelujah!
    Deloris: Nothing you can say could tear me away
    From my God.
    Girls: My God.
    Deloris: Nothing you can do 'cause
    I'm stuck like glue to my God
    He may not be a movie star,
    but when it comes to be happy,
    we are.
    There's not a man today
    Who could take me away from my Good.
    Girls: What'd you say?
    Deloris: There's not a man today
    Who could take me away fromÂ…
    Girls & Nuns: I love Him. I love Him. I love Him.
    I love Him. I love Him. I love Him.
    I will follow him,
    follow him wherever He may go.
    There isn't an ocean too deep,
    a mountain so hight it can keep,
    keep me away.
    All: away from his love.
    'cause we are family.
    I got all my sisters with me.
    We are family.
    Get up ev'ry body and sing.
    We are family.
    I got all my sisters with me.
    We are family
    Get up ev'ry body
    Get up ev'ry body
    Get up ev'ry body and sing

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