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Driving To Midnight Mass letra

     Driving To Midnight Mass

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     Driving To Midnight Mass
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        Merry Christmas. This is Bono the singer with U2.
    This is a poem I'd like to, recite for you by another Irishman, John F. Dean
    It's about driving to midnight mass in Dublin on Christmas Eve:
    Five-thousand million years ago, this earth lay heaving in a mass of rocks and fire
    Wasting, burdened with its emptiness
    Tonight, when arthropods and worms and sponges have given way to dinosaurs
    And dinosaurs to working, wandering apes
    Homo erectus have given way to sapiens, and he to
    Homo sapiens sapiens (alias Paddy Mack)
    Look down on Dublin from the hills around
    And lights could be a million Christmas trees
    Still firs standing, while in the sky a glow as if of dawn
    This day a light shall shine on us
    The Lord is born within our city
    Look along to the river toward O'Connell Bridge
    The lights, the neon signs, all stream on water like breathed-on strips of tinsel
    All is still...
    Eleven-thirty, pubs begin to empty
    Men stop to argue, sway and say the name of Jesus
    For those who have known darkness
    Who have now seen a wonderous light
    Those who have dwelt on unlit streets
    To them the light has come
    Tonight, few cars go by
    The blocks of flats with windowed-plastic trees
    And fairy lights stand, watching for a miracle
    Here are no dells where fairies might appear
    Out from the dark an ambulance comes speeding
    Sickly blue lights search in siren-still
    The mystery of the night ticks slowly on
    It will pass and leave memories of friends and small, half-welcomed things
    In Him was life
    In Him, life was the light of man
    For neither prehistoric swans nor trilobites, the mesozoic birds
    Neanderthal, nor modern man had ever dreamt or seen what was our God
    The shops are gay with lights and bright things
    All save funeral homes, they dare not advertise their presence
    As midnight peels and organs start to play
    Two cars meet headlong in a haze of drink
    The crash flicks into silence
    Pain crawls like a slime through blood and into limbs
    God is revealed, a baby naked, crying in a crib
    In the church porches and out along the grounds
    Teenagers laugh and swear, smokin', watchin' girls
    So, once more, Christmas trails away
    Its meaning moves back into the mist and the march of time

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