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I Feel Free (Version 1) letra

     I Feel Free (Version 1)

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     I Feel Free (Version 1)
    >> U2
        Down by the motion
    Down by the girl
    Down into let go of me
    I don't ever hurt
    We shadow down
    We shadow down
    By the water land
    Baby don't move it
    Don't knock me in the tide
    I'm like the sun and
    You're like the sand
    Don't knock me down
    Don't knock me
    I feel free
    And I...I feel free
    And I...feel free
    (Sixty nine)
    (Sixty nine...)
    She's a'calling me
    Down want to water
    I like a court you You understand it
    I under war
    A whispering shadow
    Don't tell me that
    I live a going
    I am the storm
    To all that was is kicking me
    Ever take me down
    Take me down tonight
    Take me down town
    And I...feel free
    Well I...feel free
    And if a chance
    Don't take no choice
    Another time
    (Sixty nine)
    I feel free
    I feel free such a lie
    And I feel walking in the sun
    And I feel running with you one
    And I feel nothing in the, nothing in
    I feel nothing in your time
    I feel haunted in your life
    I feel talking in your
    Walking back in you, baby
    Nothing in your touch
    Live within your blood
    Take me, I'm walking, waking
    Hoping, waiting in the sun beats
    In your heart
    And babe it gives me
    I...I feel free

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